What they're sayin'!

Annie with twins Simmy and Sammy (6)

Annie: I love that the kids love it too! Our favorites are the Turmeric and the Beets. 

Simmy: I like the spicy one!

Chelsee, Bartender

Love the local ingredients and stoked that breadfruit hummus exists!

Alan, Architect

I never knew I loved breadfruit so much! Me and my wife get it every week.

Jon, Submarine Officer

It's very flavorful and tastes fresh. It will go great with my taro chips.

Macala, Flight Attendant

I love that it's suitable to so many diets! Gluten-free, vegan, paleo, nut-free etc.

Asha, Jayann and Megan

We love the rich flavors and that it's all natural! We can't wait to go home and enjoy it!

"The Whole Family Loves It!"

Jen, Colin, Zach and Eliana

The whole family loved it! We are a gluten-free family so this is just perfect.

Matilda, Yoga Teacher

I just can't get enough! This hummus is highly addictive. I love all the flavors.

Tatjana, Nurse

This is the first time I’m eating breadfruit and I’m loving it. It’s great that it’s locally sourced and that it’s vegan.

Polly, retired

This is far superior to any store-bought hummus I've ever tried. I make my own so I'm picky about it, but this is really good. 

Andrew and Marie

Delicious, unique, unlike any other! We love the kick of the Spicy Jalapeño. And it doesn't make us bloated like regular hummus does.

Soren (6) and Carole

Soren: It's the best hummus ever! I have it in my lunch box for school every day. Grandma likes it too!

Carole: To me it tastes much better than regular hummus. We easily go through one container a day.

"Stoked that breadfruit hummus exists"

 Morgan, Organizer for Local 5

I’m a vegan and this is a perfect substitute to mayo . I’m a huge fan of the Beets and plan to use it as a sauce for a mushroom stir fry.

John and Cindy, retired

We brought the hummus to a party and it was a huge success. Everyone loved it! Tonight we are going to another party, so we came back to get some more. It's absolutley delicious!

Summer, Physical Therpist

The flavors are so unique! I look forward to eating it with something crunchy, like a sprout sandwich. My favorite flavors are the Sun-Dried Toamto and the Spicy Jalapeño.


Crissie and Alan, visiting

It’s delicious and the flavors are so unique. The texture is amazing!


"I have it in my lunchbox for school every day."

"We brought it to a party and everyone loved it."

"I never knew I loved breadfruit so much."

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