Answers To Your Questions

1. What is ʻulu (breadfruit)?  

It's a starchy fruit grown on medium sized trees. It was one of the main food sources for the ancient Polynesians. It grows in tropical locations around the world.  The fruits range from 1-4lbs in size.


2. How long do the chips last? 

For about 2-3 months.

3. How long does the hummus last?

For about 3 weeks.

4. Can you freeze the hummus?

Yes, the hummus will last in the freezer for several months.  Defrost on counter or in fridge.

5. Are there carbs in products made from ʻulu?

Yes, there is a fair amount of carbs in ʻulu. It is also high in fiber and has a medium to low glycemic index.

5. Where is the ʻulu from?  

It comes from many small farms all around Oahu.

6. Can you ship to the mainland?

YES, we can ship the chips but not the hummus. Visit


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