ʻUlu -Once A Sacred Food Source

ʻUlu Mana is the company that is spearheading the renaissance of  ʻulu, also known as breadfruit. Once revered by the ancient Hawaiians for its high nutritional value (and modern science shows they were right), it was slowly forgotten as imported foods took over. Our mission is to increase the production and consumption of ʻulu in Hawaii. By doing this we can cut down on imported foods and help our local economy. ʻUlu Mana's products are made by locals, all the ʻulu is sourced in Hawaii and all of the production takes place on island. What ʻUlu Mana represents is nothing less than celebrating Hawaiian traditions and Hawaiian food. By bringing ʻulu back on our plates we keep traditions alive as we continue to explore, mix and create our way into the future.

ʻUlu Chips

Add a perfect Hawaiian crunch to your snacking routine! Our chips are creatively flavored with all natural ingredients by founder and master chef Loren Shoop. Enjoy our popular Garlic Salt or Chili-Lime, or why not dig into out mixed bag where ʻulu and okinawan sweet potato come together in a perfect blend. Snacking has never been better, or more local.

Hawaiian Hummus

So you would like to join our mission of increasing the ʻulu consumption, but don't have time to build a stone pit and cook it the traditional way? Luckily, there is a contemporary short cut, in the form of  ʻUlu Mana's delicious Hawaiian Hummus. The hummus is based on ʻulu and mixed with other natural and healthy ingredients. Our 4 popular flavors are Turmeric, Beets, Sweet Potato and Spicy Jalapeño. The hummus is gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and DELICIOUS!

Get Creative With Your Hummus

There are so many delicious ways this hummus can turn into a meal!

 Snack Heaven

This is the classic way to eat our delicious hummus, as a dip to anything your tastebuds fancy. Here we featured thin multi-grain crackers, dried fruit and sliced apples. Believe it or not, the savory hummus matches the sweet flavors of the fruits in an interesting and unique way.

1. Put a good amount of  ʻUlu Mana's Hawaiian Hummus in a nice bowl.

2. Bring out anything you would like to try dipping: cucumbers, carrots, chips, breadsticks, fruit... Get creative!

3. Invite your friends over. It's a party!

Vegan Dream

This recipe is perfect for you who are vegan and for you who just want to eat healthy. It's super simple:

1. Cook some barley, hulled or unhulled. (Instructions)

2. Either cook or add canned pinto beans, lightly salted.

3. Chop up your favorite veggies or whatever you have at home.

4. Add a generous slab of ʻUlu Mana's Hawaiian Hummus, your favorite flavor (featured is Spicy Jalapeño).

5. Garnish with cilantro or other herb. Splash some olive oil on there and perhaps the juice of a fresh lime. The hummus does the job of a dressing.

6. Enjoy! Your tummy will thank you.


This is a great, no-cooking way to enjoy your hummus - as a delicious spread. Smear it on a piece of toast, a slice of  baked potato, or use it instead of mayo on your burger. Our flavorful hummus gives an extra flare to virtually anything. Featured here is our Beet Hummus with bread from BRUG Bakery.

1. Find something edible to smear.

2. Smear this item with your favorite ʻUlu Mana hummus flavor.

3. Enjoy.

4. Get on with life feeling satiated.

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