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When shipping our Hawaiian Hummus product we use recyclable boxes and liners.

We use either a liner made from 100% post-industrial, pre-consumer cardboard fiber that is curbside recyclable with paper and cardboard.


Natural fiber pads that are fully recyclable. Remove them from the poly film and recycle where #60 cotton is accepted.

Some widely-known companies that accept textiles in this form are H&M, The North Face, and Columbia. Drop off the liners at participating stores.

For those who don’t have convenient access to these drop-off locations, you can even throw them away as they will fully biodegrade.

After separating the poly film from the natural fiber pads, the poly film can be recycled with the rest of your #4 plastic bags.


How to care for your Hawaiian Hummus:

  • Your Hawaiian Hummus was sent to you through FedEx next day shipping in Hawaii and Fedex 2 day shipping to the mainland.
  • Once you receive the box immediately open it and put the hummus into your freezer to make sure they are kept cold.
  • When you are ready to dig in, place the hummus in your fridge and let it defrost overnight.  Once the hummus is defrosted you have 2 weeks to consume it. After Please discard the hummus once it has been defrosted for more than 2 weeks as we can not guarantee its quality. We do not use any unnatural preservatives to extend the shelf life. Its natural baby!
  • It does not matter if the hummus is open or not.  Once it's defrosted, you have 2 weeks to consume it.
  • Hummus can last in the freezer for 6 months.
  • We use the date on the bottom of the container to track our product.  It is not the "use by date" for frozen and shipped orders.

Hummus going into freezer


How to care for your 'Ulu Chips:

  • Chips are easy!  Store them as you would any other chips.  In a cool dry place.  
  • They have a shelf life of 6 months.  The date is printed on the back of the package.
  • The chips you receive may not have been made recently due to the seasonality of 'ulu. So make sure to check the back and consume them before they expire.

'Ulu chips in cupboard


Shipping Info

  • All Hawaiian Hummus orders in Hawaii are shipped on Monday-Thursday and arrive the next day.  All Mainland orders are shipped Monday- Wednesday and arrive in 2 days. If you order before 12 noon HST, your order will ship same day.
  • All orders that are 'Ulu Chips only, will be shipped on Monday-Friday. Hawaii orders will arrive next day, mainland orders will arrive in 2 days.
  • We ship anywhere in the U.S. Orders are shipped out of Honolulu Hawaii. We ship using FedEx
  • We are not responsible for order errors such as the wrong delivery address. Please double check the delivery address at check out.

  • Please contact us immediately if you would like to change your order or receive a refund as some orders are processed immediately. Email or call (808) 987-1284.

  • We will not be responsible for orders left at customer's front doors and confirmed as delivered by the carrier.

  • If an item that you've ordered is unavailable, you will have the option to wait 7 days for the item to come back in stock, get a refund, or replace the item with one of equal or lesser value.  We will contact you if this happens.

  • In the event your order is returned to our warehouse as undeliverable, unclaimed or refused, our staff will contact you via phone or email to try and correct the problem. You will be required to pay additional shipping costs if you gave us an incorrect address. You may be asked to use a different shipping address. You may also cancel your order. Cancelled orders will be refunded minus all shipping fees.



We do Not accept returns of our Hawaiian Hummus product.  If you are unsatisfied with the product, please contact us so we can make it right.

We will accept returns of our 'Ulu Chips product and other non perishable items.  The product must be returned in the same state it was shipped to you in. Unopened and unused.  You are responsible for paying the shipping cost of the return. Once we receive the returned items, we will refund you for the order.

Please ship returns too:

Ulu Mana Inc.

916 Kaaahi Pl Honolulu HI 96817


Lost or Damaged items:

If a product has been lost or damaged, we will open a claim with the shipping company.  We can not start a claim until 14 days have past if the package is lost.  At that time we will ship you another package of your original order.  Also please send us a photo of the damaged product to help our claim with the shipping company.


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