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Wholesale/Foodservice Inquires

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Interested in becoming a retailer of 'Ulu Mana products or need bulk pricing for food service?

We would love to hear from you!

Please email

or call (808) 987-1284

We are accepting request from anywhere within the U.S.  

We have 3 product lines:

Hawaiian Hummus: Flavors- Totally Turmeric, Hoppin' Jalapeno, Bangin' Beet, and Fun-dried Tomato. 8oz containers. Available in 2lb Bulk containers as well

'Ulu Chips: Flavors- Garlic Sea Salt, Sweet Potato Mix, and Cool Lime.  All offered in 3.5oz bags.  Only Garlic Sea Salt is available in the 1.5oz size.

Food Service:  We offer Hawaiian Hummus by the lb.  They are sold in 2lb containers and available to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. Perfect for catering, restaurant use, hotel, or to offer as a non bean alternative to regular hummus. Use as a spread, make it into dressing, or use as a dip.  Your customers will be blown away by the color, flavor, and over all uniqueness of your offering. 

Join Us!